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Who | Who Should Hold The Door?

This blog post was originally published on March18, 2017

I recently asked a young male and female the question, who should hold the door? To my surprise they both answered “whoever gets to the door first”. I did not say a word to respond. Their response made me think a long time about how every single crevice of our society has changed. The young female did not feel entitled to have the door held for her, and the young male did not feel compelled to hold the door. Interesting enough, I find myself sometimes hurrying to hold the door for men, which is something I would have never done just a few years ago!

So here’s the deal, I love it when men hold the door for me, it’s a gentlemen thing to do, and it’s very cool! It’s even cooler when men hold the door and smile! But the coolest is when men hold the door, and smile, and say something nice!

Share your thoughts on holding the door.

#whoshouldholdthedoor #entitled #compelled #gentleman


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