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Q. How old do I need to be to attend?

A. 13 years of age.

Q. When are the sessions held?

A. Saturdays, 9:00am – 11:00am.


Q. Where are the sessions held?

A. Westfield Siesta Key inside CineBistro’s private dining room.

    3501 S. Tamiami Trail | Suite 1100| Sarasota, FL. 34239

 Q. Are there other locations?

 A. We will tentatively offer our fall sessions at the

Homewood Suites by Hilton Sarasota Lakewood Ranch 

305 N Cattlemen Rd, Sarasota, FL 34235

 Q. When can I enroll?

A. Please click on the link to see the enrollment schedule for specific details.


Q. What is the cost to attend?

A. The cost will vary depending on the payment option you select.

Please call 941-216-5643 for details.

Q. What are the payment options?

A. All fees paid in 1 installment there is a 15% discount.

Ex. $1570 – 15% ($235.50) = $1334.50

 All fees paid in 2 installments there is a 5% discount.

Ex. $1570 – 5% ($78.50) = $1491.50

 All fees paid in 3 installments there is no discount.

Ex. $1570 – No discount = $1570

Please call 941-216- 5643 for additional details.


Q. Is there a discount for siblings?

A. Siblings will receive a discount of 5% applied to their selected payment option.

                                           Ex. $1570 – 15% ($235.50) = $1334.50

$1334.50 – Additional 5% ($66.73) = $1267.77

Please call 941-216- 5643 for additional details.

Q. Are there any special promotions?

A. Sarasota County and Manatee County School District employees can

enroll their children at the promotional price of $200 per child.


Q. Are there any scholarships for attending?

A. Each year our scholarship application opens on October 15th.

Award participants will have their enrollment amount reduced from $1570 to $200.


 Q. What forms of payment do you receive?

 A. Cash and electronic payments. Currently no checks are accepted.

 Q. What is included in the enrollment?

 A. A registration and orientation meeting which all participants are required to attend.

An 8 week training program.

A graduation ceremony.


Q.  Are fees refundable?

 A. All pre-paid fees are non-refundable.

 Q. What happens if I am absent?

 A. If participants are absent for more than 2 weeks (4 sessions), they will not    

    be able to participate in the graduation ceremony.

 Q. What happens if I cannot attend any of the sessions after

paying for the program?

A. The participant will be allowed to reschedule for the next available

program for their age group.



Q. Can I take individual sessions, if yes what is the cost?

A. Individual sessions are $105.

Please call 941-216- 5643 for additional details.


Q. Does Blooming Impressions offer a group rate?

A. The group rate is $1570 – 25% ($392.50) = $1177.50 per participant,

with a 5 participants minimum.

Q. Does Blooming Impressions offer a membership program?

 A. We are currently developing a membership program.

P.O. Box 50582 Sarasota, FL 34232


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