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Range Rover | If It's Good Enough For The Queen!

Most of my closest family and friends know I drive a Land Rover Range Rover, but what they don’t know is why I chose to purchase a Range Rover. I grew up hearing my mother say “one day I am going to buy myself a Cadillac.” My mother passed away in 2011 and never owned a Cadillac, not because she could not afford one, but because there was a voice in her head telling her paying a large amount of money for an automobile was not a sensible thing to do. So I grew up thinking the same way! When I turned forty five, I did an about-face and decided to reward myself. I stopped thinking about the money aspect of purchasing a high profile luxury vehicle, and thought more about the reward aspect of the purchase. I chose the Range Rover because the feeling that came over me every time I saw someone driving one. I remember seeing Queen Elizabeth being chauffeured in a Range Rover. That image left a lasting impression on me, so much so, I had to do a test drive. I test drove my Range Rover, all while reciting, it’s beautiful, it’s muscular, it’s fast, it’s regal, and it’s what I want! The salesman asked me if I liked the Range Rover. My response was, “if it’s good enough for the queen, it’s good enough for me!”

Share your thoughts on rewarding yourself.

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