Over an eight week period, our participants engage in two hour sessions, one day a week. The sessions were created with a holistic approach to personal development in mind, and designed to promote confidence in the participants as young as 13 years of age.

Week 1: Self Awareness/Leadership Training

Our advisor will enable the participants in building self trust and inner strength, by examining and countering, some of the negative attitudes they may have toward themselves.

Participants will be given motivating tools to assist them in becoming emotionally stronger and more confident, especially in making decisions regarding their lives.

WeeK 2: Relationship Health/Physical Fitness

Participants are introduced to ways to maintain good emotional health. This session demonstrates how participants can manage their feelings, positively express their thoughts, and control their behaviors.

Our advisor will explain the importance of strength and balance in the body. The advisor will also demonstrate various physical exercises chosen especially to sustain or improve health and fitness.

WeeK 3: Facial Care/Skin Care

Under the instruction of our advisor, the participants will complete their own facials during this session. The participants will also receive instruction on the proper ways to apply and remove products designed for the face.

Participants will receive instruction on personal hygiene related to how to care for and protect the skin on their entire body.

Week 4: Nail Care/Hair Care

Our advisor will demonstrate some correct ways for the participants to care for their hair. This will include the proper ways to shampoo, condition, dry, comb, brush, curl and straighten their hair.

Participants will receive information on how to care for and protect their nails. Under the instruction of our advisor, the participants will also complete their own manicures during this session.

Week 5: Dress Attire/Posture & Poise

Our advisor will demonstrate multiple ways to mix and match an assortment of clothing. Participants will also learn how to dress for various settings and occasions, with an emphasis on career readiness.

This session teaches the participants about the importance of good posture, as well as some of the perceptions made about body language. This session also demonstrates how the participants can maintain a calm self-assured dignity, controlled gracefulness and a stable state of balance.

Week 6: Vocal Awareness/Public Speaking

This session will teach the participants some basic verbal communication skills, how to control the volume and tone of their voices, and how to breathe well to strengthen their lungs.

This session provides training designed to improve public speaking skills, such as, voice projection, verbal and non-verbal communication skills, organizational skills, and overcoming fears.

Week 8: Social Etiquette/Table Etiquette

Our advisor will demonstrate customary behaviors the participants can use to convey respect and consideration for others in social settings.

This session will teach the participants ways to not annoy or offend, by demonstrating to them the customary behaviors and decorum specific to table settings.

Week 7: Financial Literacy/Home Economics

Participants will learn how to take control of their money and avoid mounds of debt, through organized spending plans, organized saving plans, and organized credit plans.

Our advisors will educate the participants on 3 areas of household management: Health and Safety In The Kitchen, Cleanliness and Safety In The House, and Sewing and Repairing In The House.

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