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Sides | Who's Taking Sides?

Were you knocked off your feet the last time you received a call from someone out of the blue? My experiences when receiving calls from out of the blue, the calls swing from one extreme to the other. They have ranged from very special to very upsetting. I love receiving calls regarding the former, but not so much on the latter. I had an individual call me out of the blue asking me about another individual, and something the two of them were in a disagreement on. After finishing the call, I sat back to reflect on what the upsetting call was really about. I concluded that the individual who called me was hoping to get me to support them in the disagreement, and possibly getting me to take their side.

One important thing I have learned in life is to take cover at the first signs of a storm starting to form. If someone asks for my opinion regarding a disagreement, I will give it to them, but not to the detriment of someone else. I have also learned it is best to stay neutral and not take sides in these types of situations, and to only offer words to encourage a peaceful resolution, including agreeing to disagree. Most importantly, I have learned not to fight other people’s battles!

Share your thoughts on taking sides.


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