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Wash | Wash Your Hands And Your Spirit!


Yes, I have created several of my own renditions of the alphabet song. I perform some renditions in a preschooler’s voice, some in a hip hop voice, some in a jazzy voice, and some in a downright wacky voice! I sing the alphabet song to make sure I am spending at least 20 seconds washing the front and back of my hands, as instructed by many medical experts. Amid the Covid-19 pandemic, global citizens are being asked to frequently wash their hands, in order to reduce the rampant spread of the virus. Here’s something for all of us to consider! While we are all washing up (sanitize) physically, what are we doing to wash up (sanctify) spiritually?

Without fail, every time there is a crisis, the talking heads come out blazing! They start pointing fingers, and blaming others for the situation. They promote fear and conspiracy theories. And they spread apocalyptic messages using bible scriptures to give credibility to their rhetoric. All of these communications can amplify what is already a stressful time for most. I suggest you turn off the noise, and turn on the Name that can calm you, and reduce your level of anxiety.

Share your thoughts on washing up.


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