Wake Up | Shake Up To Wake Up!

Growing up, one of my brothers struggled with waking up from his sleep. I remember when everyone was up and getting ready for school, my brother would still be in the bed sleeping, invariably, creating a situation where we would be rushing to get out the door and arrive to school on time. Before he would wake up, I remember my mom shouting through the house – “Did you shake him yet?’ and “Go in his room and shake him real hard!”

To this day, I do not understand how some people can sleep through alarm clocks going off without the influence of drugs or anesthesia. I question whether this ability can be classified as some sort of super-power, or if deep sleepers acquire some sort of adaptation to loud noises?

One thing I do understand, particularly with many of the events that are taking place in our society right now, is that many people are still in the bed asleep, and someone, something, or some event needs to shake them real hard to wake them up!

Share your thoughts on shaking.

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