Value | Do You Add Value?

Here’s an analogy for you to consider! Remember when you received your first piggy bank? If you were like me, you would not have been able to stop shaking your bank with the few coins in it making lots of noise. Initially, I don’t believe I had even two dollars in change in my piggy bank, but I sure liked the noise it made when I shook it. The noise making was a kind of financial posturing with my siblings, the thought being the piggy bank that made the most noise must have the most money or value. Interesting enough, as I added more coins to my piggy bank, it didn’t make as much noise, and then when it was full of coins, it hardly made a sound at all.

I have found that many times in open discussions there are people who enjoy making a lot of noise – they talk loudly, they interrupt, they talk over people, but yet have the least value to add to the discussion. On the other hand, I have also found people who choose to not make their thoughts and opinions known in an open discussion (making very little or no noise), but choose to have private conversations that are positively impactful and add value.

Are you like the piggy bank that makes a lot of noise and has little value, or are you like the piggy bank that makes very little noise and has lots of value?

Share your thoughts on adding value.

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