Tilt | Title Or Tilt?

Years ago, people who had high ranking titles were viewed as larger than life figures, and in most cases, they were known to be hard working, credible, reliable and the embodiment of their title. These days many people are being referred to as a CEO, Boss General, Shark, Queen, and other top of the chain figures without possessing any of the aforementioned characteristics.

As a business owner, I come in contact with many people, some of whom are clothed in titles. I respect and admire people who are able to manage multiple titles and roles. This multi-role quality speaks to the individual’s ability to tilt. Tilt is closely related to the expression lean in (to incline into something, such as a sprinter leaning in at the finish line), which was famously coined after Sheryl Sandberg’s, the Chief Operating Officer of Facebook, highly successful book. To tilt or have tilt, simply means an individual can move or shift so they can support other missions while they maintain a focus on their primary mission. Too often I have found individuals more concerned with titles and popularity contests, and less concerned with tilt and important works.

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