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Play | Go Outside And Play!

This week my seventh grade science team celebrated Earth Day by planting trees, vegetables, herbs, and flowers in our school’s garden. We used the day to get our students out of the classroom and into the sunshine and fresh air, and to also educate them on actions that are happening that harm the environment and some counter actions they can perform to help protect the environment. To my surprise, in the 10 to 15 minutes we were in the garden, I found myself getting irritated by the onslaught of students complaining that it was too hot for them to be outside and they didn’t want to get dirt on their shoes.

Growing up, it was very common to hear my parents shout out to my siblings and me – “go outside and play!” I really believe we were outside more than we were inside! Our parents didn’t just send us outside to play. Many times they came out the door to play with us. We enjoyed and wanted to be outside even if it was hot! I am sure this is why I still go for my weekly runs outside instead of inside the gym. I also like walking down my street to talk with my neighbors on the sidewalk instead of calling them on the phone from inside my house. And I sometimes take nature walks right in my own backyard instead of watching the various nature channels inside my house.

Adults and children, alike, need to go outside and play!

Share your thoughts on being outside.


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