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First Thing | What's The First Thing You're Going To Do?

For at least one month now, most Americans have hunkered down in their homes due to the stay at home orders state governors have put in place. The extended time at home is causing many people to come down with a case of cabin fever, so much so, public protests to the orders are starting to pop up in many cities.

Earlier this week, some city and county officials, along the coast, agreed to reopen beaches starting Monday, April 27th. Hopefully, the beach openings will remedy the cabin fever for some. However, I am praying the decisions to reopen do not end up with disastrous outcomes. As for me and my household, we have decided to continue to stay at home even though some restrictions will be lifted.

Two of my personal takeaways, from this crisis, is I realized I take many things for granted, and sometimes less is more! Every Easter Sunday, approximately forty of my family members meet up for an Easter feast. This past Easter, we all met up on Zoom, no feast, no Easter egg hunt, no physical contact, but there was so much joy in seeing each other, and so much more love extended. And yes, I recorded it.

Now that we are moving closer to a partial reopening, and eventually a full reopening of businesses and public facilities, the one question that keeps popping up is; what’s the first thing you’re going to do?

Share your thoughts on the first thing.

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