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This blog post was originally published on May 02, 2020.

There were times in my life when my money was very short! During these times if I needed a service performed, I would get quotes from licensed professionals, along with quotes from unlicensed people who claimed to be able to do the same job as the licensed professional. This scenario played out in many settings, when getting my hair done; getting repairs performed on my car; having clothes tailored; you get the picture. I wasn’t cheap - I just didn’t have! When I chose to go with the unlicensed option, the worked performed was invariably inferior in quality, and did not meet my expectations. In some cases, I ended up paying double, due to having the licensed professional clean up what the unlicensed person messed up. This life lesson has transcended through many areas of my life.

When choosing a leader, one should make the same considerations – should they chose an adept leader (very skilled or proficient at something), or should they choose an inept leader (having or showing no skill; clumsy). The distinguishing characteristics of the adept leader will include proven and certified accomplishments of good work, while the distinguishing characteristics of the inept leader will include claims of being able to perform specific work, but only producing failed attempts at good work.

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