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Christmas | Merry Christmas

Once in a Manger

Once in a manger, a long time ago, Before there was Santa and reindeer and snow,

A star shone down on humble beginnings below Of a baby just born who the world would soon know.

Never before had there been such a sight. Would the Son of a King have to suffer this plight?

Aren't there armies to lead? Aren't there battles to fight? Shouldn't He conquer the world and demand His birthright?

No, this frail little infant asleep in the hay Would change the whole world with the words He would say.

Not about power or demanding His way, But mercy and loving and forgiving God's way.

For only through humbleness would the battle be won As shown by the actions of God's only true son.

Who gave up His life for the sins of everyone, Who saved the whole world when His journey was done.

Many years have now passed since that night long ago And now we have Santa and reindeer and snow

But down in our hearts the true meaning we know, It is the birth of that child that makes Christmas so.

by Tom Krause

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