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Argue | Argue Or Are You?

I grew up in a household with a mother who allowed me the freedom to be fearlessly open when expressing my opinion on matters. I have 7 siblings who were equally encouraged to express themselves. So, on any given day if you passed by our house, it might have sounded like mass protests taking place. I don’t believe any of us were ever been called quiet or timid. We were all just the opposite, loud and fearless!

When I look back over my life, particularly the time immediately after leaving home, boy could I argue! I imagine I chased off some prospective husbands and friends when they realized I wasn’t what I appeared to be, definitely not soft spoken, but perhaps just down right annoying. It wasn’t until my mother started coaching me with that catchy phrase – choose your battles, that I realized I didn’t have to argue every point I wanted to make, and the express yourself environment that I grew up in simply does not have a productive application in any setting.

So, are you going to be the person who is:

Accommodating - a strategy where one person gives in to another, when perhaps realizing they were incorrect in an argument?

Collaborating - a method used when each person can make a contribution towards an agreement?

Compromising – a concept where each person gives up a little bit of what they want, and no one gets everything they want?

Or, are you going to be the person who is:

Avoiding - is a method used when a person ignores or withdraws from an argument due to the level of discomfort the confrontation is causing?

Competing - is a strategy used when a person enters into an argument with a plan to win, by assuming that someone will be a winner and someone will be a looser.

Share your thoughts on arguing.

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