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Apple | An Apple A Day!

Each time I go grocery shopping, I buy a bag of apples for my family to eat. I typically end up eating the entire bag on my own, simply because I love apples, and I eat one a day. I love the firm body of apples, and the crunch sound that is made when I bite into one. I love the sweet, but not too sweet taste of apples. And I love the fact that I can sit my apples out on the kitchen counter, for sometimes more than a week, without them going bad.

Did you know apples, pears, guavas, plums, oranges, and other citrus fruits naturally contain large amounts of pectin? Pectin is used to treat constipation, diarrhea, diabetes and gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). Pectin is also used to lower high cholesterol and high triglycerides, and to prevent prostate cancer and colon cancer.

I am blessed to be able to say I do not have any known health problems, nor do I take any medications. I think my love for eating apples have something to do with this. If you are thinking about making apples or any other type of food a regular part of your diet, please discuss your plans with your doctor before getting started.

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