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Boo | Don't Make Everything About You Boo!

Everywhere you look, listen, or read, there seems to be some mention of diversity and inclusion, particularly in the workplace and in politics. While it is important to have diversity and inclusion in the workplace and in politics, it is equally if not more important to have them in your personal relationships with friends and significant others.

Often in relationships, individuals allow their decisions, in any given situation, to rest on what they like or don’t like, fears, or what someone has told them. Instead of being open minded and considerate of the other person’s wants, everything becomes about what that individual wants, and every decision is made from their selfish perspectives. Some examples of this may include:

I don’t go to comedy shows because many comedians use profanity.

I don’t listen to country music because it’s too depressing.

I don’t fly on airplanes because they might crash.

I don’t go on cruises because a tidal wave might hit the ship.

I don’t go to church because that lady in the choir can’t sing.

I don’t eat that kind of food because those people aren’t clean.

I recommend replacing “I don’t” with “I will give it a try”, and opening one’s mind to the limitless possibilities that diversity and inclusion can add to relationships.

Share your thoughts on personal inclusion.

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