Work | Paperwork Or Peoplework?

Growing up, I always heard my mother literally preach about going on the job and working hard! These sermons were directives about working hard to complete assignments given by the boss. Before saying you were done with an assignment, you had to double check the quality of your work. After you were done, you had to ask if there were any additional assignments you could work on. Oh, let’s not forget, you could only talk about personal situations while on your break, and all other conversations needed to be job related, since you were on the job and getting paid for work, not socializing. Yep, I bought into all of that, because the directives were coming from my mother and other people I respected. They convinced me this was the way to get ahead on a job.

What I found to be true after working many years, the people on your job is your family whether you like it or not! While cooking dinner at home, you do not stay in the kitchen alone, and not speak to your family. So, just like you would not treat your home family this way, you should not treat your work family this way. Good relationships get you ahead on the job! Yes, you still have to get your work done, but you need to also find a balance between getting your work done and building strong, collaborative, and supportive relationships in the workplace. Paperwork will always be there for you, but people will not if there isn’t a good relationship.

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