Stuff | Get Rid Of That Stuff!

Growing up I used scratch my head wondering why my mother had piles of stuff throughout the house. She amassed piles of newspapers, in one area of the house, in order to clip coupons to use everywhere she went shopping. My mother never paid the regular price for anything! In another corner, my mother had a stockpile of every magazine imaginable: Reader’s Digest, Essence, JAMA: The Journal of the American Medical Association, Life, Jet, Time, Parade, and many more. My mother would enthusiastically read her magazines, afterwards, she would clip articles to make copies to share with others. Another area in the house had stacks of newsletters, while another area had stacks of romance novels, and books of every variety. Those were just some of her paper piles! I haven’t mentioned the piles of clothes she was always mending, or the accumulation of random items she would bag up to give to people in need. Growing up I just wanted my mother to get rid of all that stuff!

I have been told, on many occasions, that I am a carbon copy of my mother. Right now, in my home, there are multiple piles, but just like my mother’s piles, they are piles with purpose!

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