Driver | You Are The Driver!

A friend and I were recently sharing how our lives are so busy and fast paced, so much so, we compared ourselves to race car drivers. The Daytona 500, the Indianapolis 500, the Alabama 500, and Formula 1, are all regarded as prestigious races. The drivers are highly skilled and conditioned athletes. The cars, in these races, can reach speeds well over 100 mile per hour, and many times over 200 miles per hour. The constant high speeds, 120 degree heat, and 42 drivers tailing them, create an environment that is extremely grueling.

Metaphorically speaking, my friend and I agreed that similar to a race car driver, we experience some grueling and stressful days. We have learned if we want to be successful in our daily races, we have to apply the brakes to slow down to avoid making mistakes and having accidents. We know we have to press the gas to make sure we can meet deadlines, and are consistently punctual. We also know we must keep our hands on the wheel so we can move in the direction we want to go in our lives, and not careen out of control.

Share your thoughts on driving.