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Sale | Garage Or Garbage Sale?

I love my weekend jogs! Instead of going to the gym and jogging on the treadmill, I like to jog outdoors. I enjoy taking in the fresh air and sights. Every weekend, without a doubt, I know I can find several garage sales going on. The shopper in me typically wins the battle over the jogger in me. The shopper will not allow me to jog pass what might be some new found treasures at a garage sale. Typically a garage sale involves private home owners selling unwanted items from their household. The conditions of the items can vary from gently used to over used. Most of the items are offered for sale because the owner does not want or need them anymore, and would like to try to get some money for them.

Oh what a difference a letter can make! I have seen garage sales that appeared more like garbage sales due to the owners setting the items up without any care. I used to be in sales, and learned that presentation plays a huge role in getting someone to take home an item. Good presentation requires work and commitment! The work the owner puts into cleaning, arranging, and displaying items will speak volumes. Offering bottled waters, cups of coffee, cookies, and the 80s greatest hits playing, pleases just about everyone. Also, let’s not forget how the owner should look. Even though they may have stayed up all night getting ready for the sale, they certainly cannot look like they did. It’s show time! I’m talking lights, cameras, action! The owner needs to be their most delightful and best casually groomed self.

Share your thoughts on presentation.

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