Credit | Credit Or Debit?

In Blooming Impressions’ relationship health session, our professional advisor spoke on many types of relationships, and how to identify if a relationship is healthy or unhealthy. The one relationship she did not speak on is the one most of us have with credit.

Much like with a romantic relationship, I personally find myself asking questions like: what attracted me to you, am I being fulfilled, are we good for each other? My relationship with credit can be described as a love/ hate relationship. The relationship has mostly been loving, but many times hateful and abusive. When I travel, I love to use my credit cards, and I love the flexibility they bring with them. It’s when the bill comes in, the loving feelings turn into hate! I don’t hate the credit cards. I hate that I acted so abusive with them. I start questioning, why didn’t I just use my debit cards on some transactions? What is it about those good looking credit cards that make us do bad things financially?

Share your thoughts on credit cards.