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Dressing | Dressing Up Or Dressing Down?

More and more the uncharacteristic presence of dressed down, casual attire is creeping into all areas of society. As much as I would like to think I have a contemporary expression in most of the way I live, I do know I have a very old fashioned approach to dressing. When I was growing up, I watch watched men and women announce their dignity by the way they dressed. If you were leaving the house, your clothes had to be clean and pressed. Females were warned to cover their 3 Bs (bosom, belly, behind). You also had to wear control undergarments, so none of your Bs could be accused of creating a distraction by jiggling. And if females called themselves dressing up, they better have on a pair of stockings free of runs.

I know these are different times, but I am insisting that we maintain our dignity! A few months ago I was in one of the major department stores. A young female cashier assisted me with my purchase. She was very pleasant, and I enjoyed her conversation and help. When ringing up my purchase, the cashier bent over slightly and revealed her tan line, tattoo, and thong, and never broke her stride. I commented to myself “I know a manager in this store had to have seen the failure in the cashier to cover all of her Bs.” I do believe someone saw it, and perhaps they were okay with it. Listen! I do not want to see cahiers back sides! I do not want my insurance and investment agents dressed up in jeans and hoodies! I do not want my dentist in biker shorts!

Share your thoughts on dressing up or down.

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