Right | Do What Is Right!

Every day each of us face choices about doing what is right. These choices may range from copying another student’s paper at school to taking copy paper from the supply room at work. What is right or what is wrong, is not as clear for some people, as it is for other people. Too often when making a decision, a person’s personal feelings and emotions take precedence over their morals and ethics. For an example, I have known people, who I worked alongside, believe it is okay to take supplies from the job, or clock in on their timesheet from home. There is a feeling of entitlement, perhaps because they did not get a raise they felt they should have received. I have also known students who were caught multiple times cheating on tests, because they did not feel like studying. Choosing to do what is right, starts with wanting to do what is right!

At Blooming Impressions, our professional advisor provides the participants with motivating tools to assist them in becoming emotionally stronger and more confident, especially in making decisions regarding their lives, and doing what is right.

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