Nomad | Traveling From Place To Place?

Where are you going? Do you find yourself walking away from situations when you do not get your way? Have you worked at jobs where you felt you were so much more superior to everyone in the building? Have you left some place, because the people were incapable of understanding you? Do you say to yourself, I am right, and everyone else is wrong! Do you consider yourself a god/goddess dwelling amongst mere humans? Do you tell others, if I don’t get my way, I’m quitting!

I have found that some individuals, who possess the character traits listed above, often travel from city to city, from job to job, from friend to friend, and from relationship to relationship. In most cases, they want to rule over every situation, and when they cannot have everything their way, they decide it’s easier to move on instead of trying to get along. At Blooming Impressions, our professional advisor interacts with the participants on ways to develop their interpersonal skills, by looking inward, identifying areas needing improvement, and practicing communication skills.

Share your thoughts on getting along, instead of being alone.