Expectation | My Expectation!

School is going to start in another week, and I will be back greeting students as they walk into my classroom. This will be the very first lesson my new students receive from me. The lesson has to do with social etiquette. No, social etiquette is not a school requirement, but it is a part of my classroom expectations, and I model the behavior just like I do with all other classroom expectations.

I teach my students to acknowledge me in the most respectful way they possibly can, because I am going to do the same with them. They must stop and make eye contact with my eyes, not my feet, or my shoulders. The students must provide me with a kind smile, one that makes the corners of their lips turn up, the apples of their cheeks pop up, and make their eyes twinkle. The students must address me with a pleasant greeting (hello, good morning). Lastly, the students must provide me with a handshake, one that allows our palms to touch, and provides a feeling of connection. This might sound like a lot, but it’s not! You must start on the first day, not the third week of school!

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