Poise | Graceful And Elegant Bearing in A Person.

Some years ago, I enrolled my daughters in ballet lessons. My oldest daughter always like dancing, and was very good at it. Sitting through the practices allowed me to reminisce on the time I was much younger and pretending to be a ballet dancer. Watching the young girls helped me realize there is more to a ballerina than a beautiful form, there is beautiful poise. Through all of the long hours of cramping legs and burning feet, the dancers were taught not to whine or complain about muscle fatigue. They were taught how to keep good posture even if they were hurrying to the restroom. The dancers were also taught how to exhibit beauty through their facial expressions and body language.

Poise, by definition, is the graceful and elegant bearing in a person. The training the young dancers received wasn’t just about dancing, but also about managing, coping, and being mentally tough. The dancers were learning to dance, but they were also learning how to maintain their composure when situations are uncomfortable. Those were excellent life skills! Skills the dancers can apply throughout their lives.

Share your thoughts. Should we all take some ballet lessons early in life?