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C| C is for celebration!

The month of December ushers in a multitude of celebrations for most people. Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa, are some of the most widely celebrated events, but there are also many birthdays, anniversaries and graduations that take place during the month. What I use to enjoy the most about celebrations, were the delicious foods and unexpected gifts. I still enjoy those things, but not as much as I enjoy seeing how my family and friends have transformed over the years. I enjoy watching the family patriarchs share tips they have learned through the years. I enjoy watching the matriarchs laugh as they tell stories from past decades. I enjoy getting kisses on my cheeks from my nieces and nephews. I enjoy getting hugs around my legs from my great nieces and nephews. There is truly so much to enjoy! My wish for mankind is to enjoy the celebration of love, peace, and joy.

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