Work| Hard at work or hardly working?

I was watching National Geographic last week when I was reminded of a conversation I had with my mother back in my teens. On the particular episode of National Geographic, a group of pride lionesses worked hard to bring down a zebra so the entire pride could eat. While the lionesses were doing the hard work to bring down the zebra, the lion king was laying down watching. When the time came to chow down on the zebra, the lion king immediately popped up to take the best seat and be the first to eat. In general, most of us would think this is not fair. The conversation I was reminded of with my mother, is one where I was complaining about how unfair it was that I studied hard for a test in school and received a B, whereas another student cheated and received an A. There were four things I specifically remember my mother telling me: life’s situations are not always fair, stop concentrating on what others are doing, focus on what I am suppose to be doing and try to do my best, and to stop criticizing others for their actions and start encouraging them to do better. Now back to that lion king! During another hunt, the lionesses could not bring down a huge water buffalo. The lion king saw what was happening and sprung right into action to help bring down the water buffalo. After the water buffalo was down, the lion king allowed the lionesses and the cubs to eat first. So you see, this is just how life works most of the time!