Slice | Slice Of Pie!

I went to several parties over the recent holiday season. Oddly enough, during the season of giving, there are some who feel everyone else should be about the giving, while they are about the business of receiving, or when put into the proper context – TAKING!

At one particular gathering, I stood in line with several other people at a dessert table, and watched an individual cut a slice of a delicious sweet potato pie, that equaled 1/3 of the entire pie. In absolute disbelief, my mouth opened and spoke “wow, there won’t be any pie for the rest of us if the next two people cut slices that size.” The individual looked back at me and responded with “this is what I like”, in an assertive tone. I responded back with “I think that’s what everybody likes”, and in one beat, the individual shrugged her shoulders, twisted her lips, rolled her eyes, and snapped her head as she walked away from the table with 1/3 of the delicious sweet potato pie.

When I think about that holiday incident, questions come to mind like; why is it some people want to consume more than an ample share of what is available, and what is being greedy all about anyhow?

Share your thoughts on even slices.

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