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Rich | Rich Or Beautiful?

Most of my readers know I teach science to middle school students, and published a blog post some months ago titled Never Say Never. I use to say I would never work with middle school students because of so many negative comments I had heard from various educators. After accepting a position to teach in a middle school, I found some of the comments to be true, and some comments not so true. For an example, yes, it’s true that many middle schoolers blurt out whatever they are thinking, no filters attached. What is not true is that all middle schoolers are demons! For students, the middle school years are a formative part of their lives which involves an increase in height, weight, hormones, and curiosity.

A have a few students who love to ask me questions about myself. They want to know how long I have been married, how many children I have, where I buy my clothes, and on, and on, and on. I use to be suspicious of the questions, and refused to answer them. Now if the questions are not too personal, I will answer because I have come to realize that the students asking the questions are simply intrigued. One student commented that they had never met anyone like me before. Well of course I ask them to explain what they meant by their comment! The student replied that they meant it in a good way. This week, a student asked me if I had the choice of being rich or being beautiful, which one would I choose? I jokingly replied, I don’t have to choose – “I am already rich and beautiful!” While I blew the question off by joking, I felt the question was of a serious nature when asked by the student, but I just did not want to go there!

Share your thoughts on rich or beautiful.

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