SLR | Social Life Resuscitation

Living a healthy lifestyle can at times require a good deal of effort. I’m not just talking about eating more good stuff and less bad stuff, or exercising 4 days a week for at least 30 minutes. I’m talking about making a real effort to leave the house and socialize with the outside world. I enjoy coming home to my family. We all love eating together, talking and being silly, which I find to be very therapeutic. While I enjoy the intrinsic interaction with my family, they all know I start to develop cabin fever (irritated, itching) by mid week if I haven’t done some type of social activity that requires me leaving the house. It’s the extrinsic interactions I have with my friends and acquaintances that resuscitates my social life, and allows me to explore new communication frontiers. Last week I met with 4 different people for coffee. Yes I love coffee, but it’s the great conversation that I love even more. This is why I constantly reach out and try to stay in contact with people.

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