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Test| Test not tempt!

During the last few weeks at school, I have watched some student’s behavior take a turn in the wrong direction. I know, and I get it, summer vacation is fast approaching, and everyone wants to be out of school. During our classroom morning meetings, I have been reminding my students to always do what they know is right, and to avoid the temptation to do the things they know are wrong.

On the last day of school, last year, one of my best students (honor roll, safety patrol) got into a fight. Before the fight, I had noticed from the time he arrived in class, he was acting out of character. He was yelling at other students, and just being mean. I was very confused about his conduct, because he had never, remotely, behaved in such a negative way. Needless to say, I was very disappointed when he started a fight with another student. What is it about being bad on the last day of school? Why do some students choose to do wrong?

Let’s all work extra hard to make sure our students are being tested, not tempted, by preparing them for when they are evaluated on their aptitudes, abilities, skills, and performance.

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