Wish | 3 Wishes From A Genie In A Bottle!

From 1965-1970, I Dream of Jeannie was a popular fantasy sitcom. Jeannie, played by actress Barbara Eden, was a very attractive 2000-year-old genie, who was discovered and released from her bottle by astronaut Captain Tony Nelson, played by actor Larry Hagman. By the act of opening and releasing Jeannie from her bottle, Captain Nelson became her master. As Jeannie’s master, Captain Nelson’s wishes were manifested with the blinking of her eyes. If you ever watched an episode, you know Jeannie caused more chaos and headaches, than peace and tranquility, which stemmed from her love for Captain Nelson.

While watching an episode, I was asked by one of my brothers “what would you wish for if you had a genie?” I replied, “I would wish for a lifetime supply of Del Monte fruit cups!” My brother laughed so hard, and told me that my wish was stupid. He explained I should wish to be the richest person in the world. Our mom happened to overhear the conversation, and commented “be careful of what you wish for, you just might get it!” She went on to explain that becoming the richest person in the world might have repercussions beyond the immediate reality of being rich, and that these repercussions might come in the form of wolves in sheep’s clothing, or perhaps something more sinister. She continued, saying a person might try to get close to you, not because they want to be close to you, but because they want to be close to your riches.

Do you make wishes? If so, what 3 wishes would you ask a genie to grant. Just so you know, there is one wish you cannot have granted; it’s the wish to have unlimited wishes.

Share your thoughts on making wishes.

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