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The Look | Is The Look Of Love In Your Eyes?

Earlier this week, during my 8th period science class, one of my students asked me if I was mad about something. Before I responded with an answer, I asked my student why she asked me that question. She responded by saying “you look like you’re mad!” Then I responded by saying “no I am not mad.” My student responded again saying “okay just checking!” I apologized for my look and shifted to a big smile.

Later in the day, I found that I was unable to let go of the exchange with my student. I admired the fact that my student not only notice the expression on my face, but she also cared enough to check on how I was feeling by asking the question. I was curious of how long the expression had been on my face, and how many people I had come in contact with who may have assumed I was mad, and did not ask a question. Self-awareness and non-verbal communication are subjects we address in our 8 week program at Blooming Impressions. I want others to always feel that I am friendly and approachable, and I think that starts with a look of love in my eyes, and a warm expression on my face. Listen to The Look of Love by Diana Krall.

Share your thoughts on looks.

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