Swimsuit | Swimsuit, Swimming Suit, Or Bathing Suit?

There are some days my brain takes a left turn when it was given specific orders to turn right. I don’t know why these brief departures from reality happen, but they do. When this happens I am reminded that my brain has a mind of its own! And when my brain returns from the left turn departure, I am often times left feeling like I was transported to some place in another space.

Recently, I had an experience that felt something like the right side of my brain was in an argumentative volley with the left side of my brain. The volley was all about the correct terms to use for beach and pool attire. The left side of my brain, where everything analytical and methodical takes place, argued that the presumed activity at the beach or pool is to swim in the water or bathe in the sun, thus making a swimsuit or bathing suit the appropriate terms to apply to beach and pool attire. The right side of my brain argued back saying the term swim suit isn’t consistent with the action of swimming and if appropriately applied the term swimming suit should be used instead of swimsuit. The right side of my brain continued by raising the question - when is the last time you saw someone swimming or bathing at the beach or pool? And don’t most people just stand around at the beach and pool? So why aren’t we calling beach and pool attire stand around suits?

Share your thoughts on suits.

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