Sabotage | Is Someone Out To Sabotage Your Business?

In any business, word of mouth advertising can be the key component to blooming success, or it can be the key integrant to imploding failure. We all know you can’t please everyone, but with every customer that walks through a business’ door, there is a new opportunity to make an excellent lasting impression, and create a new business ambassador. While the success or failure of a business can hinge on the type of word of mouth advertisement, the foundation of the advertisement is created inside the business.

Several months ago, I went into a local restaurant that I had never dined at. Upon arriving, I noticed that there were only two other people in the restaurant, and thought it was very odd for that time in the evening. Well, from the very point of being seated at my table, the waitress appeared to be bothered by something, and performed in an extremely rude manner to me. The waitress’ behavior was so egregious, I thought she might be pulling some sort of prank, and someone would soon come from behind a wall, with a camera, to inform me of the shenanigans. That did not happen! I stood up from the table, and told the waitress I was leaving. Her smirking response was “okay!” I looked around for someone to complain to, but there was no one. I thought about demanding to speak with a manager, but I did not. I left the restaurant asking myself “what just happened?” The entire experience appeared very intentional! Perhaps sabotage?

Share your thoughts on sabotage.

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