Play | Play The Hand You Were Dealt!

In the game of poker, a flush is any five cards all of the same suit (i.e., all hearts). A straight flush is five consecutive cards all of the same suit. Both are considered winning hands, and very difficult to beat. Being dealt one of these winning hands is very rare during a game! Players are most often dealt hands that include cards from different suits, and lack consecutive cards. For many poker enthusiasts, the challenge of turning a losing hand into a winning hand is what keeps them playing the game.

Over the years, I have heard people utter two expressions: play the hand you were dealt (to make the most of one's current situation or circumstances); and deal or be dealt (a dealer holds all the cards, and manages the pot and bets, while the dealt has no control over the hand they will receive). Each expression, figuratively, relates its intended message with the game of poker, and prompts one to consider a course of action. When it comes to your life, what course of action are you taking?

Share your thoughts on creating a winning hand.

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