Dreamer | Only A Dream Comes To A Dreamer!

During the march on Washington, on August 28, 1963, civil rights activist Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his renowned speech, I Have A Dream. The famous speech was instrumental in defining the civil rights movement, and is among the most recognized speeches in American history. The speech was a call for economic rights, and an end to systemic racism in the United States.

Just like Martin Luther King Jr., most individuals have dreams which consist of imagined scenarios where their lives are exceedingly better than what they currently are. I have had dreams that brought me so much joy, that I was upset when I awaken and realized I had been dreaming. Even now I like to take naps in the afternoon because they are great for relieving stress, and they also help me to escape some of the real things I do not like dealing with, in exchange for a fabrication of the things I like the most.

Someone told me many years ago, "only a dream comes to a dreamer." The adage was used to help me understand that I do not have to fall asleep and imagine scenarios in a dream, but if I stay awake and take action, my dreams can become my reality.

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