Bubble | Bubble Bath Diary!

Theme parks are required to have their visitors buckle up when they are seated on one of the park’s rides. Florida law requires the use of safety belts for all drivers and passengers in all motorized vehicles. Buckling up reduces the risk of being injured or killed if an accident occurs. In this year that I believe anything could happen, like a unicorn leading a protest, or Bigfoot making an appearance on late-night television, I wish there would have been a global public service announcement instructing all citizens to buckle up, but that didn’t happen. We have a presidential election coming up in November, which has created a lot of anxiety for many who are very concerned about what will happen if their candidate is not elected.

Sunday afternoon is the time I use for my mental journaling of events and experiences that happened during the week. I call this time my Bubble Bath Diary. The mental journaling always involves my Tennessee tub and some luxurious bubbles in some as hot as I can stand it water. The time alone in the hot water allows me to practice some rhythmic breathing, employ my quiet introspection, and increase my blood circulation, all while I am reducing any anxiety I may have.

Tomorrow is Sunday! I want you (fellas too) to pick a time to enjoy a hot bubble bath. Then, I would like for you to come back here and post a comment for the Bubble Bath Diary.

Share your thoughts on bubble baths.

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