Grief | Good Grief!

If you ever watched an episode of Charlie Brown, you know Charlie Brown would famously sigh with the expression “good grief!” The expression is used as an exclamation of irritation, frustration, or surprise. However, I always thought the expression to be an oxymoron. How can you have good grief? Last week there was a lot of coverage on the passing of two iconic figures. I didn’t personally know either one of the figures, but their passing felt very personal. I have always considered myself as a mentally tough individual. I generally don’t let things rattle me. When it comes to death, it is the one thing that reveals a fracture in my armor. Last week I was very sick with grief! I do not know why death, even when it comes to strangers, affects me so deeply. The passing of the two iconic figures reminded me of the passing of my mother, and when I was very overcome with grief.

When my mother passed, I felt like a puzzle when you first pour the pieces out of the box. I was emotionally in 500 pieces, and trying to put myself together. Because I was an emotional wreck, I could not find the corners of my puzzle to even get started. I didn’t know how to put myself together, but I knew to seek help. So I reached out to a local agency for grief counseling. The support I received was nothing short of amazing. I learned that many people grieve deeply, and the great news is, there are ways to cope with it. I also learned that acknowledging the grief, and working through it, can be much healthier than trying to ignore it. Hence, making for some good grief!

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