Health | Is Your Relationship Healthy?

Most Americans grow up hearing something about what it takes to keep their bodies healthy. I can remember learning about the 4 basic food groups and nutrition, as far back as elementary school. I also remember having to go to P.E. to get a certain amount of exercise in my day, so I could be physically fit. What I don’t remember getting in school is a course in relationship health. I know some will say, the school system cannot teach everything! My mother did a great job at letting me know what was expected of me, like being nice to everyone, and not messing with boys. That was the lesson I got at home.

At Blooming Impressions, we take the conversation to higher levels. Our expert advisor discusses some core values for having a healthy relationship. The discussion includes examples of various types of relationships, relationship behaviors, relationship communications, and so much more.

Let me know your thoughts on relationship health being taught to youth.

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