• Olympia Baylou

PDA | Public Displays Of Affection?

When my husband and I go out together, we hold each other’s hands, we sit close together, and we give random kisses to each other. This is how we show our affection, even though we have received comments like “get a room” or “you guys must think you’re teenagers”. I have found that some people are very uncomfortable with seeing couples touching at all in public.

So where do you fit in? I know of a couple who I have never seen publicly kiss, or show any affection towards each other since their wedding day. Sometimes I question whether they even love each other. Now at the other end of the spectrum, I know some couples who like to “back that thing up” in public. Been there done that! I know that feeling when one’s internal temperature start to unexpectedly rise, and Missy Elliott’s Loose Control starts playing in the head. I try not to judge, because I am a huge advocate of couples doing what makes them happy, within reason of course. With that said, I feel each person should always try to present the best them in every situation.

Share your thoughts on public displays of affection.


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